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Bkcurrents Changing Communities

BK Currents books are about tackling the root causes of social, economic, and environmental injustice with systemic new solutions. 

BK Currents books are designed to lay the groundwork for implementing social change and solutions that stick. They do not offer band-aids or quick fixes. Instead, they get to the root cause of our problems—tackling the underlying beliefs, mindsets, institutions, and structures that keep generating the same cycle of problems, regardless of who our leaders are or what programs we adopt. The emphasis is on systemic change and progress toward a just and affirming world.

Bkbusiness Changing Organizations

BK Business  books are about pioneering progressive leadership and management practices and socially responsible approaches to business. 

Innovative leaders who realize hierarchy belongs in the past are finding ways to tap into the best potential of their people and deliver unbelievable progress.

BK Business books provide busy leaders, managers, workers, and scholars with quick, easy-to-understand, action-oriented tools to transform their work and their organizations. Since our founding, we’ve been the source of cutting-edge ideas and practices on humane, democratic, and revolutionary methods for starting, running, and transforming your organization.

Bklife   Changing Lives

BK Life books are about helping people to create infectious positive change in their lives and the lives of people around them. 

Because of their distinctive focus, BK Life books cut across various traditional bookselling categories, including personal development, inspiration, spirituality, psychology, career, communication, motivation, and personal finance. What these books all have in common is a focus on creating infectious positive change that starts with you.

There’s a full spectrum of topics—from improving your career skills to looking deep inside yourself and discovering your inner purpose. Whether you want a pragmatic book to help you become more successful or a heady book that will help you become more in tune with the universe of possibilities, we’ve got you covered.