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Greece: A Prophecy Fulfilled?

John Perkins Posted by John Perkins.

John Perkins advises corporations, executives, and entrepreneurs on turning a Death Economy into a Life Economy (cleaning up pollution, recycling, and other technologies that create life-styles millennials want to inherit).

By John Perkins Join me in Colombia this December and in Guatemala in January.

By John Perkins

Join me in Colombia this December and in Guatemala in January. Details below.

Greece is being told it owes the European Central Bank, the European Commission, and the International Monetary Fund more money than it can possibly pay. This is a familiar story, especially to anyone who has heard me talk about my background as an Economic Hit Man (EHM) many years ago. In the wake of irresponsible and exploitive deals and overwhelming debt, innocent people are left to pay the price for years to come.

I’ve actually talked about Greece specifically, in the not very distant past: http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/26112-an-economic-hit-man-speaks-out-john-perkins-on-how-greece-has-fallen-victim-to-economic-hit-men

That interview may have been a bit of prophecy, but really this is all going according to plan, the corporatocracy’s plan. As I said then, “so to a certain degree what’s been going on in Europe has been because the corporatocracy wants Europe to fail, at least on a certain level.” If Europe fails, the corporatocracy – the big corporations and organizations that try to run the world – have the upper hand with the ability to take money, resources, and power while giving little in return.

The Eurozone, an economic and currency bloc or alliance, has 19 members, but this Greek fiasco may leave them one short. The deadline for a $1.8 billion loan payment to the IMF meant that Greece closed their banks for 6 days, after only allowing citizens to withdraw only $66 a day for a period of time. Leaving the Eurozone cuts Greece off from its financial resources and forces her citizens to pay the price for her leaders’ decisions.

Blackmail, bribery, and accusations of all manner of wrongdoing are being thrown around during the negotiations for Greece’s economic future. The debate has become personal, full of vitriol and betrayal. This kind of uproar is straight out of the corporatocracy’s play book as a distraction from what they are doing behind the scenes. As politicians posture ineffectively, the EHMs have done their jobs quietly, leaving a beleaguered nation of citizens paying the price for corporatocracy crimes.

This was my message to the people of Greece last September and one I repeat to Prime Minister Alexis Tsigras, who is fighting to end austerity and improve the fortunes of his countrymen: “And so, I would encourage the Greek people to continue to do this. Don’t accept this criticism that it’s your fault, you’re to blame, you’ve got to suffer austerity, austerity, austerity. That only works for the rich people; it does not work for the average person or the middle class. Build up that middle class; bring employment back; bring disposable income back to the average citizen of Greece. Fight for that; make it happen; stand up for your rights; respect your history as fighters and leaders in democracy, and show the world!”

Other nations, including the US, should take a lesson from Greece’s precarious circumstances. This situation is not an accident, and the outcome is not likely to be favorable to the people who should matter the most. We must call for our officials to stand against the economic hit men and the horribly skewed “deals” they offer in order to protect our future. I support Tsipras, who is fighting to end austerity and improve the fortunes of his countrymen.
If I were Greek, I’d vote “No!” on the referendum.

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