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Old fossil

Ken Jennings Posted by Ken Jennings.

Ken Jennings, Ph.D. is a senior partner at VentureWorks and a managing partner at Third River Partners, a consultancy that specializes in leadership development and strategy execution.

Old fossil

I’m very happy to announce that the seventh Junior Genius book is available online and in bookstores today! The official Junior Genius Guides website has some preview pages to peruse and various retail links for when you decide just how many copies you want to buy. Ten? Twenty? It’s up to you. I’m sure you want the dinosaurs to know you love them, right?

This was a particularly fun book to write, because dinosaurs have so much built-in good will with kids, and because I think prehistoric life is pretty funny for some reason. For example, the new book has a running feature called “Ask a Trilobite” that, in hindsight, is probably way too silly for an “educational” book. But hey, they said Socrates was corrupting the youth too, and nothing bad ever happened to him!

Dinosaurs is also the last Junior Genius book for the foreseeable future, because I have two books to write for Scribner (an imprint for grown-ups!) and one of them is already late. So no more craft projects and no-bake snack ideas for me. My second childhood is over, back to the salt mines. I hope you enjoyed the detour.