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It's The End of the Blog As We Know It

Mayowa Tomori Posted by Mayowa Tomori, Senior Manager, Editorial & Digital, Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Professional A/V nerd & BK Website Wrangler.

It's The End of the Blog As We Know It

We are proud to announce the new BK blog at ideas.bkconnection.com!

We’re still dedicated to delivering the ideas and tools you need to create positive change in your life, at work, and in your community. Just better than ever.

Ever wonder how Berrett-Koehler president Steve Piersanti’s experience with bad bosses lead him to develop a new leadership paradigm -- the key to which he credits Berrett-Koehler’s success? Well, read on -- and while you’re at it, nab a nifty chart to share with those coworkers who could use some enlightenment!

Join us!

At ideas.bkconnection.com, we remain dedicated to creating a space where readers can find new ideas that inspire them to create positive change in their lives, their organizations, or their communities — and where they can connect with others trying to do the same.

We’ve also learned from our previous experience that creating a good environment for this sort of thing requires a bit of curation and moderation. Comments are 100% welcome, but for now, we’re not allowing our community members to post their own blogs in this space.

Guest Bloggers Welcome!

We are, however, accepting proposals from guest bloggers who might like to post. 

If you’d like to learn more about that, contact Maren Fox, our digital marketing specialist and the mastermind behind the new design, at [email protected] . She’d also love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the new blog, what kind of posts you’d like to see, or anything else on your mind.

We hope you’ll check out our new blog, and if you like what you see, be sure to subscribe!