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No Problem

Sharon Jordan-Evans Posted by Sharon Jordan-Evans, President, Jordan Evans Group.

SHARON JORDAN-EVANS is a sought-after executive coach and popular keynote speaker for Fortune 500 companies. She is the co-author of Love ’Em or Lose ’Em, Love It, Don’t Leave It and Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss.

No Problem

If only more managers would say this when their employees ask for something special.

I was so excited about my daughter’s singing debut at her high school. She had been taking vocal lessons; she had developed a strong, beautiful voice, and that day was her chance to show it off. She would sing the Star Spangled Banner (without accompaniment) during the all-school pep rally at 1 P.M. My boss was excited for me and said, “No problem,” when I asked him if I could go watch her. But here’s the best part. Upon my return, with videotape in hand, he asked me how it went and asked if I would show him the tape. It was such a small thing but meant so much to me. I proudly showed him the video and beamed as he praised my daughter. He showed support in so many ways that day.

Busy managers don’t always realize that little things mean a lot. Since so many families are two-career households these days, everyone is trying to do their best to pay attention to family and to work. If you recognize that and are able and willing to bend when necessary, it will pay off in the end. Employees who feel that their managers recognize the difficult balance and tradeoffs that are faced on a daily basis will be more committed to their work.


  • Think about each of your “star” employees (those hard workers that you simply don’t want to lose), initiate a conversation about honoring family needs. Co-create a list of all the possible ways (small, medium, and large) that you can help them achieve their goals. (Sometimes the smallest request makes all the difference.) Select one or two (together) and make it happen!

Adapted from: Love -Em or Lose -Em: Getting Good People to Stay . Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans have co-authored Love -Em or Lose -Em: Getting Good People to Stay (Berrett-Koehler, 1999), now available in 17 languages and recognized as the world’s best-selling employee retention book. Their latest book, Love It, Don’t Leave It: 26 Ways to Get What You Want at Work (Berrett-Koehler, 2003) offers “anyone who works” easy-to-implement strategies for increasing job satisfaction. Beverly is the founder and CEO of Career Systems International, and Sharon is the president of the Jordan Evans Group.