301 Ways to Have Fun at Work

    Do you wish work was more fun?

    101 Tips for Telecommuters

    Do you ever struggle with the unique challenges of telecommuting?

    50 Jobs in 50 States

    Would you be prepared to search everywhere, high and low, for your true career?

    301 More Ways To Have Fun At Work

    Do you wish work was more fun?

    A Simpler Way

    How can we make life less arduous and more delightful?

    A Peacock in the Land of Penguins

    Do you ever feel like a peacock in a land of penguins? Wonder what to do about standing out?

    Accidental Genius

    Would you like to learn a simple, easy technique for unlocking your creative powers?

    Aligned Thinking

    Looking for wisdom and insight which will make you feel less like you're trapped in the rat race?

    Answering Your Call

    Are you determined to discover your calliing, the true reason you were put upon this planet?

    Be BIG

    Are you tired of being small- do you want to expand to your fullest potential?

    Be the Hero

    Would you like to discover the stories about yourself that inspire you to greater heights?

    Artful Work

    Do you think work become better and more fulfilling when you approach it artistically?

    Authentic Conversations

    Would you like to discover the honest conversations which drive positive change?

    Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever

    What if all the traditional advice for presenters is just plain wrong?

    Be The Best Bad Presenter Ever (Enhanced)

    How do you become a great presenter when all other advice fails?

    Bootstrap Leadership

    Do you want to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and really earn your next promotion?

    Blind Faith

    Do you want to keep the stock market from stealing your money?

    Beyond Juggling

    Tired of juggling your work and home BK Life? Don't want to give either one up?

    Being Buddha At Work

    How can you hold onto your calm, compassionate self in the midst of workplace stress and clamor?

    Beating the System

    Would you like to figure out how to outsmart bureaucracies to get what you want?

    Career Intelligence

    Would you like to self-market better, and develop in advance the skills employers care about?

    Brilliance by Design

    Do you want to engage the people you're speaking to in a way that brings out their inherent brilliance?

    Bringing Your Soul to Work

    How is it that so much activity can still leave one empty? How can one live straight from the soul?

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