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Charlotte Ashlock, Treasure Hunter of Ideas

Treasure Hunter Of Ideas
My job is looking for people with ideas. We need ideas for improving lives and improving the workplace. We need ideas about reinventing business, revolutionizing political and economic systems, humanizing culture and society. 

Calling all unique and revolutionary thinkers

We need you!  We need you as authors for books and as article writers for our online magazine. 

Are you writing a book? 
If I see some good potential, I'll help you sharpen your idea and present it to my editorial colleagues.  

Are you a blogger looking for guest-posting channels?  
Get in touch: [email protected] 

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More About the Treasure Hunter

No treasure too big or too small

You never know what idea will be a crucial tipping point for change.  We look for ideas that help people improve their lives, organizations, and communities. It doesn't matter whether your idea is big or small.  I'm looking both for articles for the Berrett-Koehler website, and book proposals for the Berrett-Koehler editors.  I actively reach out to people all the time, but I'm also pleased when people reach out to me. 

How I help your treasure shine

  • Article treasure.  If you would like to guest post, you can create an account on your website and write something right away for our community blog. If it's really good, I'll elevate it to our magazine area or even to our homepage.  If you want it to go through my review process, email it to me at [email protected]  If you wish, I can offer editorial suggestions or help you think of a good post title.  
  • Book treasure.  When I find potential book ideas, I act as a personal coach for the author as they create their book proposal. I’m part of the editorial team at Berrett-Koehler, so I can be your “woman on the inside” and pitch the other editors on your book. That is no guarantee of victory, but at least it increases your chances of success.  To apply for my coaching services, fill out the form above.  It tells me just what I need to know about your potential!  (If it's easier, you can also email answers to the questions on the form to [email protected]).
  • Not sure?  Unsure whether you’ve got an article or a book inside you? Don’t fret about it. I keep an eye out for articles that might grow into books. And I’ll tell you if your book submission really needs to be a short, viral article. In other words, it doesn’t matter— I’ll help you figure it out.

What treasure appeals to me most

  • New viewpoints.  It's nice to hear from viewpoints other than the white upper-class male perspective.  Book publishing, in general, is disproportionately white and male. Berrett-Koehler Publishers is committed to broadening the diversity of their author base, so that we have a truly diverse, creative, and useful base of ideas for readers to use.
  • Fun communication styles.  I think it’s important that we have FUN while we improve ourselves, our organizations, and the world. That’s the mistake most change agents make— they forget to make it fun, and then no one wants to participate. It can be quite difficult to approach serious topics in a humorous, light-hearted fashion. But I’m always really impressed by the folks who pull it off.
  • Tough concepts made simple.  If we have a good idea, we should make it easy for others to grasp. That’s what clear communication is all about. Simplifying complex topics is something I’m passionate about.

Now you know everything you need to succeed at pitching a book to me.  And so today-- because nothing's more rewarding than that moment when the book is doing well and you get to take that author-editor selfie. 

Author Editor Selfie