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BK Expert Directory Listings for BK Authors

Free listing in BK Expert Directory for 1 Year!

We would like to introduce you the BK Expert Directory, a new service that allows BK customers to find experts and consultants in a wide range of fields relating to change at the personal and organizational levels. It is fully integrated with our new BKconnection.com website that launched earlier this year. You can search the directory by different criteria, such as expert name, expertise, qualifications, or location. The customers benefit by discovering and connecting with experts in the fields that BK publishes who can help organizations deepen their learning and application of the books’ content. The authors benefit by finding potential new consulting, training, and speaking engagement clients. Once clients choose an expert, we put the two of you in touch to work out the details.

Membership into the BK Expert Directory is by invitation. You must be a BK author, or be referred by a BK author or BK staff member. This is a free service to clients. For experts, it costs $25 to $75 per year depending on how much information you publish in your profile. There is also a 10% referral fee for the first engagement by a new client within 12 months of the referral (on a volunteer basis). The subscription fee will be waived for all BK authors for the first year of operation. That way you can see if it’s right for you. Here are the directory profiles for Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em coauthor Sharon Jordan Evans and Identity Is Destiny author Larry Ackerman.

We are in the process of entering all BK authors into the directory. If you don’t see your profile in the directory yet, please contact Charlotte Ashlock ([email protected]) or me and we’ll get you signed up. For those already in the directory, if you want to make any adjustments before we go live, you can do so by clicking the Edit My Profile section under the Member Options on the upper right-hand side of our website, and then click on the BK Expertise Information top tab. From here, you can adjust the expertise levels (10 or fewer, please), services, clients, fee structure, reviews, and photos. The contact button is not enabled yet. This is a closed-loop system that automatically sends you a potential client’s contact information. The visitor on the website will not have direct access to your email account to obviate spamming. You can pursue leads from the directory at your option.

We will concentrate on filling up the directory this summer and then we'll start marketing it this fall. We look forward to helping you extend the breadth and depth of your messages through this service.