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Expert Directory Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The BK Expert Directory is designed to introduce corporate, government, and non-profit clients to BK authors and other qualified professionals who provide consulting, training, and speaking engagement services around the messages of BK books. After your BK expert profile is established, a potential client will provide contact information to the directory, which will forward this information to you to pursue directly with the customer.

Who can sign up?

See the Get Listed section for directory qualifications.

How do I find a sponsor?

If you are an existing BK author, you already qualify. Otherwise, please ask a BK author or BK staff member to sponsor you.

What's the cost for people in the directory?

To be listed on the directory, there is a small annual subscription fee ($25 to $75) and a 10% referral fee tied to the first paid engagement originating from the BK Expert Directory.  See the Terms and Conditions section for more details.  The subscription fee has been waived until March 31, 2016.

Can I update my own profile?

Yes, after you establish your login, you can create your own profile. For the initial launch, each expert will be given up to five expertise selections.

Why is Berrett-Koehler Publishers offering this service?

The BK Expert Directory has been created to help extend your platform and your reach, whether your desire is to have greater influence, a stronger way to get your message out, or to increase your annual income.

Are Berrett-Koehler authors involved?

BK authors will decide for themselves whether this directory fits with their respective service offerings. At the launch, all BK authors will be part of the system. BK will contact all the authors to confirm that they want to remain in the directory.

How do I search by certified or accredited groups?

This feature will be offered in 2016. Certified groups or accredited groups may include professionals who have passed training or exam requirements associated with change methodologies such as Future Search or The World Cafe.

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