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Honor BK Community and BK Expert Directory Referral Fee Pledge

BK Community Pledge

Honor the Berrett-Koehler Community Pledge of Integrity and Civility

As a Berrett-Koehler Community member, I agree to align my professional work practice with the mission of creating a world that works for all. I promise to bring the spirit of community to clients I encounter through this directory. I will bring a mindset of positive change, new ideas, and stakeholder awareness to all my professional dealings, and I will charge an appropriate and fair fee for my services. I will value my clients as human beings first and business partners second. I accept that any clients I engage through this directory shall be free to post any constructive and accurate comments about my work for all to see.

Honor the BK Expert Directory Referral Fee

I agree that if I receive a new engagement for my services from a client referred to me through the BK Expert Directory, I will pay to Berrett-Koehler Publishers in addition to my annual subscription fee, a referral fee of 10% (ten percent) of the total fee for services provided to the client during the first twelve months after the referral from the Directory. A client referred to me through the Directory will receive a code that will alert me that the client is a referral from the Directory. I will be responsible for notifying BK of any engagement based on such a referral and for transmitting the referral fee to BK within sixty (60) days of my receipt of payment from such a client.