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Anasazi Foundation


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In the Native American tradition, life is a “walking.” One’s walking is determined by the state of one’s heart toward all that is around him. Anasazi is a Navajo word commonly interpreted as “the Ancient Ones.” According to legends, the wise teachers taught that the Creator placed man on the earth in order for him to learn how to “walk forward”—in harmony with man and all creation.  

For years, ANASAZI Foundation—a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Arizona—has served families by introducing them to a New Beginning and helping them to discover their Seed of Greatness and the wisdom of the lives led by these Ancient Ones.  

Founded by renowned wilderness pioneers Larry Olsen and Ezekiel Sanchez, ANASAZI gives young people an opportunity, through a primitive living experience and a philosophy that invites healing at the hands of nature, to effect a change of heart—a change in one’s whole way of walking in the world. ANASAZI’s wilderness experience is nonpunitive. To those at ANASAZI, the wilderness is not a harsh place to break youth down but rather a safe place—a place free from distractions, where one can learn, ponder, discover, and build.  

Through this experience and ANASAZI’s concurrent work with parents, ANASAZI prepares parents and children to turn their hearts to one another, begin anew, and walk in harmony in the wilderness of the world.  

ANASAZI Foundation, (800) 678-3445, www.anasazi.org

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