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Beth Blakeman

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

BK Expert
Community Member

Beth Blakeman is an empowerment and clarity coach/guide and a career-buster.

She founded the Find Your LightTM seminars, dedicated to helping people discover what they want to do, based on their unique characteristics and desires. Convinced that one's life-path is not a question of how to fit into what has already been developed and designated a 'career,' she helps clients focus on individual yearnings, whether in or outside of the mainstream's generally accepted pathways and create their own personal template.

Her body of work encompasses multi-media craft work, a variety of healing modalities, event production, DIY activities, and libraries full of self-empowerment systems and creativity exercises.

She has a background in commercial and non-commercial radio broadcasting and production, as well as award-winning promotional events and is working on her first book, focusing on curiosity and exploration in early learning as an introduction to choices and critical thinking.

Her mission is to contribute to the creation of a Compassionate World. She believes that the recognition of possibility fosters hope and hope nourishes compassion.


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Conduct interviews of authors, to be used as part of press kits or Web sites. 

Radio production and voiceover services.

Produce press releases, publicity campaigns, events.

Create unique marketing.  Copywrite, ghostwrite, edit.

Produce seminars to help people determine their individual life paths and create a template to get there.

Individual clarity coaching and guidance based on the Find Your LightTM seminars.

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Varies for different services.

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