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Bruce Rosenstein has written about business and management books for USA Today’s Money section and worked as a librarian and researcher there for twenty-one years. He has studied Peter Drucker extensively, conducting one of the last interviews Drucker gave, seven months before his death. Rosenstein is also a lecturer in the Catholic University of America's School of Library and Information Science in Washington, DC.

Visit Bruce's Living in More Than One World blog.

Living in More Than One World

What if, instead of pursuing so-called "work-life balance," you could live fully in ALL facets of your life?

Bruce Rosenstein can provide keynotes, presentations, workshops, coaching, and consulting based on the principles in his 2009 Berrett-Koehler book Living in More Than One World: How Peter Drucker's Wisdom Can Inspire and Transform Your Life.

The author/social entrepreneur Bob Buford, a longtime friend and colleague of Drucker’s, wrote the following about Bruce’s book: “Bruce writes as a journalist used to simple language, tight deadlines and direct quotes—it is all familiar from what Peter told me in our priceless years together…It is like sitting with Peter on his enclosed back porch one on one.”

Bruce can work with individuals and groups on:

1. How to accelerate self-development in personal and professional life
2. How to incorporate lifelong learning and teaching into even the busiest lives
3. How to construct a complete, balanced life plan
4. How to live a more multidimensional life by interacting with diverse people and varied organizations
5. How to create your future through developing your core competencies, pursuing parallel/second careers and related areas

He looks forward to speaking with you about improving your life, and helping your organization become more meaningful and productive!

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