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John Canfield

Holland, Michigan, USA

BK Expert
Community Member

I most often work with senior teams around the world, helping strong egos make better decisions with better buy in.

The core of my work is around Leadership Development, and specifically Collaboration Skills.

The big difference in my work is helping company leaders learn how to work with conflict constructively.

When conflict is thought of as indication that options are present, leaders then can learn to manage, or lead, or even provoke conflict – options. Learning to work with options impersonally and deliberately can help senior teams actively work to eliminate their chronic dysfunction. Best ideas win, not egos.

My four part Good Thinking Series (available on Amazon) presents solid strategies and tools to improve an organization’s performance by deliberately supporting more effective thinking with all leaders and employees. Topics include collaboration skills, problem solving, creative thinking skills, strategic planning, and scenario planning.

My background includes thirty years of experience speaking, training, and consulting in a wide variety of organizations around the world (35+ countries).  I hold a B.S. in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a B.A. in Political Science and Psychology from Williams College. Prior to 1990 I was a Senior Engineering Manager for Intel Corporation and later Director of Corporate Quality and Design Research for Herman Miller.

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