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Carol Abrahamson

DeKalb, Illinois, USA

BK Expert
Community Member

An expert in publishing, strategic issues and planning, organizational growth, high-profile marketing and communications with clients in over 100 industries during 40 years.

I help clients create a book to:

• Grow their business

• Win vs. competitors

• Attract important invitations & opportunities

• Be their market's first choice

A unique publishing expert, consultant and book coach with the business and strategic acumen to insure executives' books generate the business results they seek. (Most book coaches and advisors have minimal experience identifying and making the business changes required so a book and business work together toward an author's growth goals.)

My differentiating specialties are:

• Bringing my broad and deep knowledge about numerous industries, growth and planning that is results-driven and strategic to executives creating a business-building book and

• Focusing as much on the business elements of the book-business synergy that's required for results as on consulting and coaching about their book.

Knowing most business authors are first-timers who need help in building their book team, my Author Resources business introduces authors (for free) to the experts, service providers and experts who will make their book a big success.

Grounded by early-career years in Wall Street investment banking and venture capital. Growth and communications advisor to CEOs/CFOs at Apple, Hewlett-Packard, McGraw-Hill, McKesson, Portland General plus 1,000 others from the Fortune 100 to individual experts. Widely quoted and featured in numerous national media including The Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, Chicago Tribune, San Jose Mercury News and various Business Journal publications.

Current Specialties:

• A book as the ultimate marketing and branding tool for a business, nonprofit or professional

• Making a book and business work TOGETHER toward desired business results

• The 100+ decisions, choices and tasks that executives' books require

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