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Chris Westphal

Oakland, California, USA

BK Expert
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Chris Westphal's experience as a journalist, novelist, and screenwriter complement one another as he brings humor and narrative focus to non-fiction, and a journalist's clarity and economy to fiction.

With 40 years professional writing experience, Chris Westphal is a network-produced television comedy writer (MURPHY BROWN, BABY TALK), novelist (The trilogy The Chronicles of Huttle), essayist, journalist and non-fiction book author. His essays and travel writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, and the San Jose Mercury News, and national and in international publications. Most recently, he ghostwrote a major upcoming title for Berrett-Koehler Publishing, scheduled for release in 2016. For the past eight years, he has ghostwritten personal histories and biographies for Storyzon.com, and served as a developmental editor for several titles published by Genius Books. 

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Developmental Editing

Whether you have a complete manuscript, or a drawer full of ideas, developmental editing services help you refine and focus your project to reach the wides possible market.

Writing Coaching

With more than 40 years professional writing experience, I have helped dozens of writers at all levels develop and improve their writing. Weekly meetings and manuscript reviews and positive critiques keep you focused and on task.


From concept development to conducting interviews and research, I can take your writing project from idea to finished product. Services range from concept development to the creation of book proposals to working with editors and publishers.   



Murphy Brown, “Fax or Fiction,” co-written with Deborah Markoe-Klein (Freelance)

Story Editor on CBS Television comedy “Baby Talk” with Deborah Markoe-Klein.

Produced Scripts: “Womb with a View,” “The Big One.”


Echo Valley (HMR, Great Britain, 1997) A black comedy about the commercialization of religion, the allure of power, and the perils of revenge.   

The Spy Who Loathed Me (2013): In 1982, A hapless FBI agent risks everything to win the love of a beautiful KGB, who couldn’t be less attracted to him. Paperback and Kindle.

In Huttle We Trust (Formerly Echo Valley), Bagnoose Media International (Paperback and Kindle)

Huttle the Hero (Bagnoose Media International, 2011): The adventures of Tom Huttle, the freelance writer introduced in Echo Valley, continue as Tom is believed to be the center of a plot to foment global revolution. (Paperback and Kindle)

Inhuman (Kindle Books, 2011): Court records, interviews, journal entries, and clinical notes tell the story of an infamous serial killer.

Deadlines: (Kindle Books, 2011): A reporter for a small coastal Oregon newspaper unravels a mystery that leads to the heart of the area’s dynastic family.


A Family Year Abroad—How to Live Outside the Borders, GPP, 2000

Account of my family’s year living in Prague, Czech Republic, with detailed “how-to” instructions for prospective expatriates.


The Shareholder Action Guide, Unleash Your Hidden Powers to Hold Corporations Accountable, Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Apple Blossom Time, Jurgen Mollers, Storyzon.com, personal biography.

The Cinderella Molecule  The first-person story of the development of one of the most significant cancer medication in the past half century, and the extraordinary physician and entrepreneur who led the project.

Bullseye, Adam Tocci, Genius Books, thriller.

The Thirteenth Child, David Dean, Genius Books, supernatural thriller

Outcast Oracle, Chris Abbey, Genius Books


The Shareholder Action Guide, Unleash Your Hidden Powers to Hold Corporations Accountable, Berrett-Koehler Publishers

How High Will it Go?, Storyzon.com

Flint (Working title) Storyzon.com

Marine Pilot (Working title) Storyzon.com



Written By (Magazine of the Writers Guild of America, West)

 “It’s Only e-Words”

 “Waiting to Hear” 

Journal of the Writers Guild of America West:

 “The Mechanic”

Ventura County Star, January 30, 2010: “Ride from South Africa Leads to Bushman Cave Art in Lesotho”

Ventura County Star, December 19, 2008: “Cookies, milk & Bailout for Santa?”

Los Angeles Times, April 24, 2004: “College Tour Tips from a Dad Who Survived”

Sailing Magazine, May 2004: “Slow Boat to Hong Kong”

Journal Francais, September 2002: “Echanges d’etudiants--C’est aussi pour les jeunes enfant” (“Student Exchanges—They’re also for young children”-Translated from English to French)

San Jose Mercury News, November 25, 2001: “The Desert Island You Want to be Stranded On.”

L.A. Architect, July/August 2001: “Feng Shui Journal”


PROJECT RATE: (including research, interviews, draft, rewrite, polish)

Under 100 Words: $3./ Word

Under 1000 Words: $2.00/ Word

1,000-10,000 Words: $1.50/ Word

10,000-50,000: $1.25/ Word

50,000 Words & Up: $1.10/ Word

BOOK PROPOSAL (Concept, Sample Chapters, Table of Contents, Market Analysis, Collateral Materials): $12,000 - $18,000

***Book length and mass-market projects may include a royalty participation provision***







"From developing an organizational structure, to doing interviews with industry leaders, to assembling a successful book proposal and delivering a complete manuscript, Chris Westphal was easy to work with, flexible, and reliable. Without losing focus on the important topics being discussed, he brought fresh perspectives and lively prose to a book that also included important statistics and technicalities. I enjoyed the interaction and collaboration that shaped The Shareholder Action Guide into what we hope will be an important book to help all investors shape the future of corporate policies."  

-Andrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow, and author of The Shareholder Action Guide

"Finding an editor who captures your own voice can be a challenge. As someone who is very picky about their work, I have found that Chris is really able to communicate exactly what I'm saying, while maintaining my business brand. He is also creative, able to provide useful feedback, and highly professional. I have enjoyed working with him over the years and look forward to continuing on with his services."

-Joan Hunter Mayer, columnist

“Chris Westphal is a joy to work with. He is thorough, effective, and works very well with that sensitive creature, the author. Genius Book Publishing has three projects with Chris, one published and two in development. His sense of story and his sense of humor are spot on, giving our authors the guidance they need to hit that climax, punchline, or character arc with style. I will continue to use Chris's services in the future, and will recommend him to other authors, whether we publish them or not, as I have done many times in the past.”

-Steven W. Booth, Publisher, Genius Book Publishing

"Chris Westphal's editing acumen proved an invaluable asset to me in my writing of The Thirteenth Child.  With his guidance I was able to give a narrative drive and clarity to my novel that had lain hidden and awaiting discovery.  I am very pleased and proud of the finished product and Chris's editorial wisdom was instrumental in making it possible."

-David Dean, Author, “The Thirteenth Child”

“When you first sent me the notes for Norg, I read through them all and thought you did a good job. It took me a while to get back to it (shakeups, breakups, and wakeups getting in the way), but going through it line by line I'm finding that your work was invaluable.

Always think a compliment should be given when it's deserved.”

-Chris Abbey, Author “The Outcast Oracle” 

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