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Danny Kennedy is a global authority on environmental issues and a successful clean-tech entrepreneur. His accomplishments have earned him numerous awards, including Innovator of the Year by PBS’s Planet Forward for pioneering an easy-to access and aff ordable residential solar solution. Kennedy has worked on climate and energy issues for more than two decades.

At Greenpeace he initially focused on ending new oil exploration in the Pacific; and as the leader of the organization’s California Clean Energy Now campaign, he helped create the state’s solar policies, which provide substantial market support for solar businesses and help Golden State citizens go solar. In 1996 Kennedy founded and directed Project Underground, an organization committed to protecting the human rights of people abused and exploited by mining and oil operations.

In 2007 Kennedy founded Sungevity Inc. which has become a leading residential solar-power company. He serves as Sungevity’s president and oversees government relations and community engagement programs.

Tireless in his eff orts to evangelize the mass adoption of solar power, Kennedy serves on the boards of Th e Solar Foundation, a global research and education organization in Washington, DC, and Solar Mosaic, a solar-focused, crowdfunding startup in Oakland, California.  Kennedy lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Miya Yoshitani, their two daughters, and seven chickens.

Rooftop Revolution

What if solar power was far more effective than the dirty-energy special interests would have you know?

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