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Dan Sisson

Washington, USA

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Dan Sisson was born in Washington, DC, and educated at St. John's College Prep in the city. Following his military service, he received his BA from California State University at Long Beach and his MA and PhD from the Claremont Graduate School and The Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in Santa Barbara, where he was in residence for six years. He has taught at colleges and universities from California to Alaska, been a politician— running for Congress in 1976, a journalist in Alaska, a writer for Field & Stream magazine, where for 13 years he described the many outdoor adventures he had with his son, Alan, in Oregon and Alaska. He currently teaches at Eastern Washington University as an adjunct in the Engineering Department and lives in the mountains of eastern Washington with his wife, Karen, in a near-full-sized replica (90 percent) of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello that he built himself. His forthcoming book, a work in history and political theory, is to be titled The First American Coup d'Etat.

The American Revolution of 1800

What vitally important incident in American history is woefully under-studied?

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