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Debbe Kennedy is founder, president, and CEO of Leadership Solutions Companies, an award-winning enterprise since 1990, specializing in custom leadership, organizational, and virtual communications solutions–and also the Global Dialogue Center, an online virtual gathering place for people throughout the world. The significance of Leadership Solutions Companies’ contributions is reflected in Debbe’s strategic business partnership with Hewlett Packard as a consultant spanning well over a decade. She has also serves as an Institute Collaborator with The Frances Hesselbein LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE (formerly Peter F. Drucker Foundation) since 2010 through the Global Dialogue Center.

Formerly, she had a distinguished leadership career with IBM Corporation for over twenty years.

About Putting Our Differences to Work

The Fastest Way to Innovation, Leadership and High Performance

Axiom Business Book Award Winner for HR/Employee Training (Bronze 2010)

Debbe’s award-winning book, Putting Our Differences to Work: The Fastest Way to Innovation, Leadership, and High Performance, practical guide that changes the prevailing rules of how to think, behave, and operate as a leader in the 21st Century...

  •  Illuminates five qualities for leaders and innovators at every level.
  •  Provides a proven step-by-step process for creating powerful teams based on difference.
  • Shares first-person stories and best practices to apply the new ideas to your team and organization.
  • Includes two “innovation at the verge” chapters, which Debbe Kennedy and Joel Barker wrote together.

WATCH VIDEO BOOK OVERVIEW by futurist and filmmaker, Joel A. Barker

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Debbe is also the author of Breakthrough! Everything You Need to Start a Solution Revolution and Action Dialogues: Meaningful Conversations to Accelerate Change (Berrett-Koehler 2000).

Putting Our Differences To Work

How can a leader leverage diversity in his workforce into innovation & competitive advantage?

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