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James Autry

Iowa, USA

BK Expert
Community Member Author

James A. Autry is an author, poet and consultant. Before taking early retirement in 1991 to pursue his present career, Autry was president of Meredith Corporation's Magazine Group, a 500 million dollar operation with more than 900 employees.

During his thirty-two year career, Autry served as a daily newspaper reporter, editor of a weekly newspaper, editor and publisher of a city magazine, editor of one of the country's largest magazines, and vice president and editor-in-chief of all books and magazines at Meredith Corporation. He is the author of Love and Profit and Life and Work, as well as two collections of poetry, Nights Under a Tin Roof and Life After Mississippi.

Confessions of An Accidental Businessman

How can you develop the gut instinct, intuition and judgement, that will guide your BK Business to success?

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