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Jane Stallman

Oakland, California, USA

BK Expert
Community Member

I am a founding and Senior Partner at the Center for Strategic Facilitation. Clients ask me to design and facilitate complex meetings, frequently with multi-stakeholders participating. I’ve led leadership and organizational development programs at KP and Lockheed Aircraft SkunkWorks.

As a mentor trainer in the Technology of Participation (ToP) methods I also coach participants going through ToP Certification and those qualifying to be a ToP Trainer. 

Examples of my work include:

  • AC Sustainability Climate Change Plan’s implementation design and formation of cross functional team structure, training and planning process
  • A California State Parks Foundation project involving the development and facilitation of the Yosemite Slough Advisory Committee
  • Two City of Fremont planning projects - Pathways to Positive Aging and 2 Family Resource Center strategic plans involving 26 member agencies and the City
  • Implementation plan and structure for the AC 10–Year Plan to End Homelessness in Alameda County

I have an E.M.B.A. from the Peter Drucker Center at Claremont Graduate School and a Masters Degree in Urban Studies/Program Planning from Occidental College/CORO Foundation. I was a CORO Foundation Fellow and staff member in Los Angeles. In 2005 I was certified by IAF and ICA as a skilled facilitator.

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