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Jeannie Coyle, President WORKTELLIGENCE, helps companies bridge the gap between their workforce and market performance. She brings powerful strategic thinking, solid behavioral science and a knack for cutting through complexity to help you adopt the simplest, most common sense solutions. Solutions that create work environments that foster initiative, innovation and high performance. Environments that fit with modern work, workforces and business conditions.

She is also Managing Partner of Talent Savvy Manager providing keynotes, consulting and workshops to inspire and build skills of managers to develop people from experience while they perform their work. These services are based on the book she co-authored, with Wendy Axelrod, Make Talent Your Business: How Exceptional Managers Develop People While Getting Results.

She has over 30 years of experience consulting with and coaching C-suite executives on ways to reimagine and rethink strategy, organization structure and culture, leadership and workforce development, agile team design and development and leading performance centered change.  She is a strategic thinking partner helping  leaders discover and embrace actions that are based on current research measuring practices proven to impact high performance (as measured by profit, revenue, market share and customer satisfaction.)

Her clients say they value working with her because she:

  • is naturally a powerful strategic thinker and excels at helping clients be more strategic about people and organization decisions and investments;
  • moves quickly from big picture strategy to practical approaches that are refreshingly fundamental and performance based, simple and easy to apply;
  • uses the plain language of business and is adept at connecting solutions to the financial metrics of business; and
  • has deep knowledge of what works, giving her the insight and confidence to challenge conventional wisdom when it is not wise and provide better alternatives.

Prior experience includes:

  • SVP HR at American Express working for Lou Gerstner to develop and implement an early and very successful leadership talent pipeline system.
  •  VP Management and Leadership Development at Bank of America.
  • Strategic partner of the Tom Peters Group

Make Talent Your Business

What if talent development could easily be worked into your day-to-day routine?

Solutions to dramatically grow talent across the workforce based on researched 5 practices of managers who are exceptional at developing people (from experience on the job) while getting results 

Learning experiences including 1/2 day workshops for the 2 core of five Exceptional Management practices; web wokshops for five practices, action learning leadership forum (6 months including action assignments and coaching) 

Key notes and webinars to build understanding of the five practices and motivation to learn more.

Consulting to decide on the best implementation strategy and culture adjustments to create development friendly environments

Targeted coaching for leaders who want to tune up their talent development by mastering the 5 practices

Clients include: 3M, Time Warner, S. C. Johnson Wax, American Express, GE Capital, Pacific Gas & Electric, Pac Bell, The New York Times, Wells Fargo, Key Bank, Bank of America, Nike, MGM Mirage, Intel, NW Natural, Leatherman Tool, Blount and MulvannyG2

Fees for services are available upton request.
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