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John Schuster is an author and mentor/coach (www.johnpschuster.com), and has co-owned a speaking and training firm for 25-plus years (www.skalliance.com and www.profitandcash.com). He is a faculty member for Coach Certification Programs at Columbia University and the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, and he is pursuing a certificate in Jungian studies from Saybrook University. He is also a coach for Merryck & Company, a CEO-mentoring firm, and works for nonprofit and government organizations.

John is the author of such books as Answering Your Call: A Guide to Living Your Deepest Purpose (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2003), Hum-Drum to Hot-Diggity on Leadership (Steadfast Publishers, 2001), and two books on open-book management. His clients include the American Academy of Family Physicians, corporations and hospitals, and many smaller midsize organizations.

John is a green advocate; pursues gardening, tennis, and guitar; and has three grandchildren. He is married to his business partner, Patricia Kane. He believes in learning communities, sustainability, and local food. He works to create markets and communities that work for everyone, and he naps whenever possible.

Answering Your Call

Are you determined to discover your calliing, the true reason you were put upon this planet?

The Power of Your Past

Instead of learning from the lives of distant historic figures, what if you learned from your own personal past?

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