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Kim Korn

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Kim helps organziations to thrive indefinitely. He has pursued this passion as an Accenture consultant,  an Enteprise Program Manager at Andersen Windows for nearly twenty years, and for the past ten+ years as Create Advantage, Inc.

Kim Korn was born and raised in Mason City, Iowa. He pursued an education in architecture for two years at Iowa State University. Following that, he earned a bachelor's degree in Finance from the University of Iowa followed by an MBA in Finance and Information Systems from the same school. While at Iowa, he taught undergraduate corporate finance and provided research for a published business book. Following college, he consulted for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) for six years. This led into his seventeen year career at Andersen Corporation where he performed a variety of roles related to business transformation--from business process development to executive leadership. This career led to his founding of Business Architecture, Inc. in order to pursue his passion to help companies identify, achieve, and sustain their particular unique competitive advantage that enables them to create the value society wants. His goal: help companies enrich their customers, engage their employees, serve society--and thereby thrive indefinitely.

Infinite Possibility

How to navigate the infinite possibilities of the digital frontier?

Presentations, workshops, and client engagements to guide organizations how to become regenerative enterprises in order that they may thrive indefinitely.

Get your enterprise’s organizing (its managing, leadership, governance, ownership, founding, and engaging) turned toward thriving indefinitely, and it will become regenerative. It will become competent to orchestrate robust exploration and effective exploitation that continually recreates unique value within its ecosystem. Only firms that exhibit such competence regenerate themselves to thrive indefinitely.

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At this point, this list is largely private. It includes a publisher, private school, engagements with Urban Mill in Finland, and Seats2Meet in the Netherlands.

Tailored to the work to be done.

Kim has not added any photos.