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Marc J. Epstein, MBA, PhD, is Distinguished Research Professor of Management at Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Prior to joining Rice, Dr. Epstein was a professor at Stanford Business School, Harvard Business School, and INSEAD (European Institute of Business Administration). In both academic research and managerial practice, Dr. Epstein is considered one of the global luminaries in the areas of sustainability, governance, performance measurement, and accountability in both corporations and nonprofit organizations. His 20 authored or co-authored books and over 100 professional articles include many award winners, including Making Innovation Work: How to Manage It, Measure It, and Profit from It (2006) and Making Sustainability Work: Best Practices in Managing and Measuring Corporate Social, Environmental, and Economic Impacts (2008).

Dr. Epstein is also currently working extensively in developing countries in Africa, Asia, and South America on microfinance, entrepreneurship, education, and the commercialization and dissemination of low-cost health technologies. In the middle of his MBA class, all of his students travel with him to Rwanda or Liberia to work on the commercialization of health technologies for the poor.

Making Sustainability Work

Once you've decided you want your company to be more sustainable, what's your to-do list?

Pharmacy on a Bicycle

Would you like to know an innovative approach to spreading better health care in needy countries?

Measuring and Improving Social Impacts

We all want to do good in the world, but how do we know if what we're doing is working?

The Innovation Paradox

How can established companies replicate the creative energy of startups?

Social Impact Self-Assessment

We all want to do good in the world, but how do we know if what we're doing is working?

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