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Dr. Marcia Reynolds, president of Covisioning LLC, travels the world speaking and teaching classes in advanced coaching skills, leadership, and emotional engagement. She helps leaders better engage and influence others, especially in a world where employees demand to be respected and engaged in many ways. Her clients love the lightness she brings as she teaches them to be more courageous in their conversations. She has spoken 35 countries and presented at Harvard Kennedy School and Cornell University. She is also the Training Director for the Healthcare Coaching Institute. She has advanced degrees in psychology, communications and education.

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Wander Woman

Successful women don't need more empowerment, but how do you navigate your success with ease?

The Discomfort Zone

How can leaders navigate the awkward conversations which help people grow?

Executive Coaching

Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Advanced Coaching Skills Training

Designing in-house coach training programs, including programs leading to certification with the International Coach Federation

Keynote Speaking at conferences

MBA Women International

Boise Paper

The Discovery Channel

Microchip Technology

Pointe Hilton Hotels

Metronic Microelectronics

Make a Wish International

Here from Marcia's most satisfied clients:  http://outsmartyourbrain.com/general-testimonials/

Contact Marcia for more information on fees:   [email protected]

I had the pleasure of working with Marcia Reynolds as a guest speaker for MBA Women International Phoenix. Marcia is an excellent speaker; she relates to the audience and adds humor to her presentation. Thank you for sharing best practices on how to find contentment in a highly competitive world. I would highly recommend Marcia as a guest speaker or executive coach. Well done!”
Heather Kivatinos, MBA Women International

“Marcia had an unbelievably engaging presentation. She was very passionate about the topic while also encouraging to the entire audience. We thoroughly enjoyed Marcia’s speech as well as the motivation and strength she brought to the stage”
Brendan Wilson, Boise Paper

“Marcia did a fantastic job emotionally connecting her content to the audience. Her energy is inspiring!”
Mandy Heaton, The Discovery Channel

“Marcia brings in an element of fun that helps accelerate the learning. Her energetic, magnetic personality allows her to connect with people from many different backgrounds.”
Suzanne Harbster, Microchip Technology

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