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Marvin Weisbord

Pennsylvania, USA

BK Expert
Community Member Author

Marvin Weisbord consulted with business firms, medical schools, and hospitals from 1969 to 1992. He was a partner in the consulting firm Block Petrella Weisbord for 20 years and is a fellow of the World Academy of Productivity Science. Productive Workplaces (2012), now in its third edition, is considered a classic. He also authored Organizational Diagnosis (1978) and Discovering Common Ground (1992).

He is co-director, along with Sandra Janoff, of Future Search Network (formerly SearchNet), an international non-profit dedicated to community service, colleagueship, and learning. For more information, please visit www.futuresearch.net.

Future Search

Do you believe change takes the most powerful hold when it's done in a participative, whole-systems way?

Don't Just Do Something, Stand There!

Rather than trying to change people, why not try to change the conditions in which they interact?

Discovering Common Ground

Do you want to take a whole systems, stakeholder engagement approach to strategic planning?

Future Search (excerpt)

from BK Fast Fundamentals

Large Group Methods: A Shopper's Guide

from BK Fast Fundamentals

Lead More, Control Less

Can you really be a more effective leader if you give up trying to change or control people?

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