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L. Melanie Chase

Portland, OR and Tucson, AZ, Arizona, USA

BK Expert
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Since 1996, Melanie has worked with diverse groups and organizations across sectors as an organization development/ performance improvement consultant, coach/advisor, trainer and facilitator. Melanie brings a collaborative consulting style, integrity, focus, humor, mindfulness and results to the people she serves. Her private practice offers large group facilitation processes that are participative, grounded in the affirmative, and aimed to honor individual, organizational and community development needs and readiness for change. Her unique mix of organizational development experience, combined with evaluation, allows her to keep the focus on demonstrating measurable results in combination with facilitation, planning, change management and more.

She holds a Ph.D. in education with a concentration in organizational development, Master of Public Administration, and a B.S. in sociology (Colorado State University and Arizona State University, respectively). She has received extensive training in mediation and facilitation from the City of Beaverton, Oregon, Portland Community College, American Society for Quality, Institute for Cultural Affairs, Assn. for Quality & Participation, International Association for Public Participation, and others, as well as trained hundreds of facilitators herself in public health.

Melanie has resided in Portland, Oregon, since 2010, and worked with clients across sectors including Oregon Health & Science University, Nonprofit Association of Oregon, Oregon Education Association, Bonneville Power Administration, Providence Health Systems, Portland Development Commission, and others. She enjoys working with mission- and community-focused organizations who serve and impact the community.

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