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Michael Randel

Kensington, Maryland, USA

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Michael Randel is the founder of Randel Consulting Associates, a management consulting firm that leads organizations through change and growth. He is an experienced organization development consultant and facilitator who brings more than twenty five years' experience working with organizations across more than thirty countries. Based in the Washington D.C. metro region, Michael work with teams and organizations at local, national and international levels.

Michael focuses his work on enabling people to address complex problems and achieve results together. As a result of his work, his clients are stronger, more successful and positioned for future growth.  Michael works with a wide variety of organizations to address their needs at individual, team, organizational and societal levels. 

Michael is recognized as a Certified Professional Facilitator by the International Association of Facilitators and has twice been presented with the global Facilitation Impact Award for the measurable impact of his facilitation work. He has also been recognized as a Global Thought Leader on Trust in Business.

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The fees I charge are in line with the scope of work - the complexity of the issue facing the client, the duration of the consulting engagement, and the size of the team required to meet the objectives.

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