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Michael Ray

California, USA

BK Expert
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Michael Ray is the first John G. McCoy-Banc One Corporation Professor of Creativity and Innovation and of Marketing (Emeritus) at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business. He is a social psychologist and the author of numerous books, including Creativity in Business (with Rochelle Myers), The Path of the Everyday Hero (with Lorna Catford), and The Creative Spirit (with Daniel Goleman and Paul Kaufman), the companion book to the PBS series inspired by his course. He lives his highest goal not only in his work life but also as a husband, father, grandfather, spiritual student, and meditation teacher. He has consulted and lectured widely and has served as a director of a major retailer, a food company, a catalog company, a start-up airline, and three companies in the communication industry. He works with an active group of teachers to bring the principles of this book to organizations and individuals worldwide. For more information, please visit www.michael-ray.com or www.thehighestgoal.com.

The Highest Goal

How can finding your higher purpose help unlock your creativity?

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