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Patricia A. McLagan

Washington, District of Columbia, USA

BK Expert
Community Member Author

Pat McLagan is an acknowledged thought leader in the areas of leadership development and complex organization change. She works with public and private sector organizations globally -- and with leadership teams -- to help expand their change capabilities.  She is the second woman and the fifteenth person inducted into the Human Resource Development Hall of Fame,a member of the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame, and has received the top awards from the Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD) and the Instructional Systems Association.  She has consulted extensively on strategic change with organizations like GE, NASA, the State of Georgia, SABMiller, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and many others. Client comments:  she helped do "the impossible, facilitating and mentoring the leadership team;" "it would be difficult to overstate the impact" of her work; her "dynamic leadership and know-how" helped us succeed with a critical transformation," and more.

The Age of Participation

How can organizations thrive in the Age of Participation?

Change Is Everybody's Business

How can people come to realize their own power to support, stymie or redirect change?


Do you believe honest, face-to-face conversation is crucial in the workplace?

Leading Complex Change

from BK Fast Fundamentals

Leadership Development

Strategy Implementation

Change Management

SAB Miller

State of Georgia

U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency

mPower, Inc.

”It would be difficult to overstate the impact of the work done by McLagan for SAB Ltd (now SABMiller). ... it led to coherence, of culture and purpose, and was also liberating. Twenty years later, all round the worldand in a company which is ten times the size it was then, Pat’s concepts, principles and language are still in explicit everyday use. They have withstood continual re-examination, rediscovery and redefinition. Other tools and systems … have been layered on top, but none of these would have taken root without the basic underpinning, and context-setting, of Pat’s work (and wisdom).”

Former Chairman,

”When the Defense Intelligence Agency decided to create an integrated Human Capital Organization, I turned to Pat McLagan to help guide the implementation team. In 100 days Pat did the impossible, facilitating and mentoring the leadership team to consensus – minimizing disruptions to existing core functions while creating a more integrated and strategically focused Directorate..”

John S. Allison, Jr., Chief Human Capital Officer
(2005-2010) Defense Intelligence Agency

“Pat’s leadership was instrumental in negotiating and facilitating what is clearly the most profound and important collaborative working relationship between the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the NIH, key Malian government leaders, and executives of Bamako University. Her keen understanding of the African culture, international business relationships and US Government politics were instrumental in guiding all parties....This effort was the first of its kind and Pat’s contributions have had a profound impact on NIAID’s ability to conduct and further research capacity globally.”

Lynn C. Hellinger, Former Associate Director for Management and Operations,
NIAID, NIH; Vice President and Principal of mPower, Inc.

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