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Thomas Crum

Colorado, USA

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Thomas Crum is an internationally known author, seminar leader and martial artist. He leads workshops and trainings for organizations and major corporations throughout the world, including former hot spots such as the Soviet Union, Northern Ireland, and South Africa. He had the fortune of co-leading a session in Indonesia with the Dalai Lama. Tom is the author of Journey to Center and The Magic of Conflict (both published by Simon and Schuster), as well as many audio and video products dealing with conflict, stress management and peak performance. He is a unique; experiential; keynote presenter, with engagements at many international conferences and associations including the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), the American Management Association, Franklin Covey, the Ken Blanchard Company, Systems Thinking in Action, National Speakers Bureau, and the Global Institute for Leadership Development. Tom is founder and president of Aiki Works, Inc. (also d.b.a. Thomas Crum Associates) through which he offers a wide variety of programs to support individuals and organizations – from keynote addresses to multi-day trainings. His Magic of Conflict program, designed to help turn conflict into successful relationships, has supported thousands of employees at all levels of management in corporations, government, and non-profit organizations.  His most recent contribution to the workplace is his Three Deep Breaths workshop, which focuses on turning stress into vitality, pressure into power, and busy-ness into Being. Tom's work is not only applicable to the workplace, but also to every aspect of our lives; such as relationships, family, and athletic performance. The Journey to Center workshop is a five-day intensive training held each fall in Colorado. It aims to help individuals and teams to deeply integrate the work into every aspect of their lives, especially relationships. And for those among us who like to ski or play golf, Tom hosts residential programs in his hometown of Aspen, Colorado, integrating his work with these outdoor sports. The Magic of Skiing workshops are held in conjunction with the Aspen Skiing Company each winter. In the summer, Tom hosts the Magic of Golf workshop, with his son, Dr. Eric Crum, former captain of Stanford University golf team and teammate of Tiger Woods. Tom has received the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) Vision Award for his role in the design and facilitation of training programs. A former systems analyst with a BS in Mathematics from Bucknell University, Tom was a teacher and director of the Aspen Community School, a humanistic charter school for grades K-8.  He co-founded the Aspen Academy of Martial and Healing Arts, and has taught meditation and the graceful martial art of Aikido, which optimizes the use of energy, focus, and balance, for over thirty years. With singer/song-writer John Denver, Tom co-founded the Windstar Project, an educational center dedicated to environmental sustainability and the peaceful resolution of conflict. He served as executive director of that foundation from 1979 to 1985. Tom and his wife Cathy live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where they have raised three children. For more information on Thomas Crum Associates; programs and products, contact

Three Deep Breaths

Would you like a simple technique to transform tough situations into positive, energizing experiences?

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