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Future Readiness Self-Assessment Instructions

Step #1 – Navigate to Product Page on BKconnection.com


Click on Add to Cart and then click through to the Check Out Page. From there you can enter the number of units you want.

add to cart gif

Step #2 – Shopping Cart

Please note that orders of 10-99 units receive a discount of 20%

Checkout with Discount

Step #3 – Order Confirmation Shopping Cart Page

For this example of a 10-unit order, you see the ten green links, which can be clicked one at a time to activate each product. Or you can wait for the email confirmation to come, and then send the individual emails to the intended instrument takers, and they can activate them one at a time.

Future Readiness

Future Readiness 2

Step #4 – Email Confirmation

Here is an example of the emails you will get. One of them will show all the orders, and the others will be the individual orders that you or the purchasing manager will forward to the intended instrument takers.

Future Readiness 5

Example of link to send end users:

future read 6

Step #5 – Login

When you, the manager, or the end user clicks on the blue link from the email confirmation, the following screen will appear. By clicking on the link “Future Readiness Self-Assessment,” the Author’s Welcome screen will appear. 

 The user may now take the self-assessment.

freadi -2

author welcome page


Each user, by using the email link provided, may take the self-assessment up to five times within a 12-month period, whichever comes first. 

The one-year subscription begins at date of purchase, so if you or the manager wants to buy now but distribute the linked emails later, then please contact Matt Drake at [email protected] to request an extension of the subscription.

If you have any issues with the instructions above, please send an email with your issue and order number to our technical support representative Matt Drake at [email protected].