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TAOI Online Learning - Listening Exercise

9781609948092 M

LISTENING (10 minutes)

To prepare, please read Listening with Nothing On Your Mind Listening Exercise on page 67 from the paperback and PDF e-book of The Art of Insight or in the Exercise Reference Manual you downloaded.

Hint: If you still haven't found a formal partner, you can simply do the exercise with a family member or friend without telling them that you are doing it.

Here is a video illustration:


Speaker: Describe the Insight State of Mind using short phrases followed by pauses

Listener: Drop any of your own thoughts and come back into the present.

Here is a timer for your convenience.


Now take a couple of minutes to discuss what it was like

  • For the Listener: listening with nothing on your mind
  • For the Speaker: being listened to quietly, and
  • For both: any fresh thoughts that either of you had about insight.

Switch roles, and repeat the exercise.

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If you have any comments, suggestions for improvement or reports of success you

would like to share, please send an email to [email protected]

and reference "Listening Exercise" in the subject field.