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Rooftop Revolution

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Ways to Learn More about Solar:


The free video-enhanced, mini-book is available for download from the Apple Store.  The mini-book is the perfect way to introduce a friend to solar issues.  

Purchase the full book.   The full book expands on the mini-book, by exposing dirty energy's petty politics, profiling the heroes of the rooftop revolution, and offering step-by-step advice on joining the solar revolution which is energizing our economy.   


SECRET DISCOUNT CODE .  Within the free mini-book, there's a secret discount code which enables you to purchase the full book at 30% OFF from our website.  Make sure you take advantage of this great deal before the offer expires (within 3 weeks of your

           download of the free mini-book.)  


Or get the EPUB version.    Our discount only applies to the paperback and pdf formats, so if you want the EPUB format, you have to buy from Apple  or  Amazon  at the regular price. 


Check out the author website.    You can also check out Sungevity's website and learn more about where the author works and how to get solar panels on the roof of YOUR home.