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Welcome, Dear Readers

What all our books have in common

If you're in love with one of our books, please take the time to look at some others.  Even our most diverse topics express the spirit of "a community dedicated to creating a world that works for all."

Book Quote

Our books are for intelligent optimists

Our books express optimism that systems (whether political or business systems) can be reformed to better serve human beings.  People who feel an urgent need to make organizations more humane and democratic will find the tools they need in our books.   Not only that, we provide strong evidence that humanity will not come at the cost of profitability or effectiveness.   

Our books present evidence that nice guys don't finish last

You've heard the expression, "Nice guys finish last?"  This is a short-term view. If you look at the long-term game, being nice is not only a pathway to victory, but a necessity for survival.  To solve the problems of the modern era, we will need everybody's vision, spirit and will. Systems which dismiss and disempower human beings are not just immoral, they are profoundly stupid.  

Our books acknowledge every person's potential

We believe in the potential of every human being.  Our personal development and leadership books are written to help people unlock their best selves.  What is "a world that works for all," you might ask?  When everyone's best self comes to the table, and everyone's voice can be truly heard, we will finally have a chance of creating it.  

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