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In Memoriam

Free Ebook in Memory of Mila Baker

Tragically, we lost a treasured member of our author community this month.  Mila Baker was an active leader of the Berrett-Koehler Author's Inc cooperative organization, an engaged author, an avid participant in the youth leadership exchanges through the BK Foundation, and a beautiful soul. We are giving away her BK Book "Peer-to-Peer Leadership" for the next week to honor her memory.  Every author wants to spread their message far and wide, and we can think of no better tribute that we, as her publisher, can offer.

Clicking on the book cover will trigger your download. 

Peer To Peer Leadership L

About the Book

Our leadership models are still stuck in a top-down, command-and-control, Industrial Age mentality. But our globalized, data-drenched, 24/7 world is just too complex, with too much information coming from too many different directions, for any single person or group of people to stay on top of it. The idea of hierarchy is breaking down everywhere, from politics to religion to social relationships-why should leadership be any different?

Mila Baker's inspiration for a new way to lead is the peer-to-peer model of computing, which is also mirrored in social networking and crowdsource technologies. She shows that a network with "equipotent" nodes of power-think peer leaders-is infinitely more powerful than a "client-server" (leader-follower) network.

In organizations of equipotent nodes, leadership isn't fixed or siloed-it shifts based on the particular strengths of individuals and the particular needs of a situation. Rather than being guided into narrow predetermined channels, information flows freely so those who need it can find it easily and are empowered to act on it immediately. Constant change is built into the very structure of these organizations, and giving feedback is no longer a separate (and often dreaded and ineffective) process but becomes an organic part of the workflow, enabling rapid course corrections.

Baker still advocates the need for top-level executives and senior leaders, but their job is to optimize the health of the network rather than issue commands. Companies such as Gore and Herman Miller practice these principles and have achieved long-term success-Baker provides a structure for this approach that any organization can adapt to build flexibility, resiliency, and accountability.

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