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The Innovation Code Supplemental Materials

To help deepen your understanding about The Innovation Code and how to create constructive conflicts, we have prepared additional material for you and your team, such as:

1. The Innovation Code Simple Quiz (free)

This is a quick online version of the quiz you find at the end of Chapter 2. It tabulates your responses automatically so you do not need any pens or pencils.

2. The Innovation Code Self-Assessment (product)

This premium assessment takes about 15 minutes to complete and measures your dominant worldview and that of your organization or team. You will receive a comprehensive report that shows you not just how you innovate but also how you can contribute the most to your team and most importantly, how you can create constructive conflicts effectively. Bulk-order discounts are available so that you and your entire team/organization can take this assessment.

3. The Innovation Code Card Game (product)

This deck of cards is a fun way to spend time with your team, family, or friends to figure out your and their dominant worldviews. It’s a great way to get to know each other better and as a team bonding exercise. The deck comes with 52 cards and a set of instructions.

4. The Innovation Code Team Kit Guides (free links below)

Depending on your innovation initiative, you will need to enlist the help of people with particular skills at different points in time. Some team members will rotate in and out depending on your needs. The most important element in building a team is to establish a strong relationship among the team members, especially in your core team. This kit will take you though the steps of building the team you need for you to achieve success with your initiative. Use the survey and interview questions as tools to chose your team and the online assessment to analyze how your team members innovate.

These five PDF documents were prepared by the coauthors to help teams optimize the use of The Innovation Code. The five components are: 1) How to Resolve Conflicts in Your Team (3 pages), 2) How to Create High Performing Teams (5 pages), 3) Picking the Right Team Members Survey and Interview Questions (2 pages), 4) How to Lead Innovation Like Superheros: Knowing When Your Strength Becomes a Weakness (7 pages), and 5) How to Assemble & Manage Your Innovation Superhero Team (7 pages).

Please check back for additional supplemental materials that may be offered in the future.