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Operations Specialist - Job Post

REPORTS TO: Assoc. Director of Operations


CLASSIFICATION:   Hourly, full-time

WORK SCHEDULE:  8:30am to 5pm Monday – Friday

Purpose: Help Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. grow as a strong, stable, and independent publisher by being the confluence point for information flowing into BK from all sales partners. Cultivate a culture of data-driven decision-making by adding accurate and timely sales information into Berrett-Koehler's accounting and reporting systems. Provide some administrative support to the BK office and the BK Board of Directors.

Accounting (A/R)

  • Creates invoices for all print sales
  • Creates invoices for all digital sales
    • Sends PDF of invoices to overseas digital partners for payment, as needed
    • Creates digital sales adjustment
    • Identifies digital receipts in Cash on Hand to apply to outstanding invoices from digital partners
    • Follows up on past-due invoices with digital partners
  • Creates Subsidiary Rights invoices
    • Creates monthly Subsidiary Rights Adjustment reports
  • Creates monthly Author Storage Fee invoice
  • Creates monthly Permissions invoice
  • Creates Miscellaneous and Pro-forma invoices as needed
  • Codes cash receipts for recording into Acumen

Accounting (misc):

  • Prepares standard monthly adjustment forms and submits to Accounting Manger for entry into Acumen
  • Enters approved A/P invoices into Acumen
  • Troubleshoots invoices not working in Acumen
  • Sends W-9 forms to new vendors and enter TINs into Acumen


  • Creates monthly digital team sales report
  • Creates monthly audio sales report
  • Assists in creating annual audit reports
  • Prepares reports for month close
  •  Create post month close reports


  • Creates new product and job records in Acumen after Pub Board approval
  • Identifies and reports price exceptions for digital partners
  • Creates and updates royalty records in Acumen
  •  Provides back-up for IT/Tech issues

Corporate Responsibilities

  • Attends monthly Board meetings
  • Carries out tasks assigned by the corporate secretary, Board Chair and the Governance Committee
  • Maintains a website or other technology for the Board's use to store documents and to enable Board members to work together collaboratively to do its committee and task force work 
  • Provides assistance to Board members by providing administrative services such as researching information for committees and taskforces, scheduling meetings or appointments, preparing and distributing documents
  • Ensures that Board members are aware of accountability deadlines and preparation needed for meetings
  • Performs the administrative tasks involved with ensuring that all the materials for each Board meeting are organized and accessible for each Board member, including the meeting agenda
  • Takes minutes of each Board meeting and provides minutes to the Board within the expectations outlined in the Board Practices
  • Drafts and maintains Board Practices documents


  • Coordinates Author Day lunches, including lunch orders and setup
  • Shares responsibility for taking notes during monthly staff and department meetings
  • Back-up Support, Front Desk
  • Provides primary back-up for Front Desk, including lunch coverage and meetings
  • Answers phone and route calls
  • Receives and distributes general mailbox emails and faxes
  • Greets visitors to office
  • Keeps common areas tidy, organized, and appropriately stocked with supplies
  • Troubleshoots copiers, phones, and other machines, places service calls when necessary
  • Retrieves, opens, and distributes mail
  • Purchases postage and shipping supplies
  • Prepares and sends domestic and international documents and packages
  • Assembles and sends mass mailings
  • Takes packages to USPS or FedEx locations if needed
  • Creates staff meeting agenda, takes minutes, and archives handouts
  • Coordinates company events including invitations, RSVPs, lunch order, set-up, and clean-up
  • Updates contact information in FileMaker and Acumen databases
  • Generates Accounting Monthly Postage Report
  • Monitors the [email protected] email inbox
  •  Provides additional support as needed


  • Participates in company staff meetings, finance and operations department meetings, and author lunches
  • Participates in other company meetings, such as project meetings and cross-departmental team meetings, as needed for this position and the effective operation of the company
  • Participates in company projects, teams, discussions, activities, author events, etc., as needed for the effective operation of the company.
  • Follows company policies regarding expense reporting, company travel, benefits, workplace rules, other human resource policies, etc.


To be considered, you must send resume and a detailed cover letter via email (several pages long if necessary), stating why you are interested in the position, your qualifications, how you have been successful in similar jobs or volunteer work based on the qualifications above (please be specific about your accomplishments), and your personal qualities that account for your success to: Nina Thompson, [email protected].