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President, CEO, Publisher - Job Post

Job Post: President, CEO, and Publisher

Berrett-Koehler Publishers (“BK”) is an award-winning and innovative independent publishing company. Founded in 1992, BK is headquartered in Oakland, California, was recently named the independent publishing company of the year, and has been continuously profitable for 15 years in a row. Our books, audios, and videos are sold all over the world and we also host online summits and offer online training resources. We are dedicated to an ambitious mission: Connecting People and Ideas to Create a World That Works for All. Through our groundbreaking resources on business, management, training, current affairs, personal growth, self-help, and other areas, we strive to challenge conventional thinking, introduce new ideas, and foster positive change on individual, organizational, and societal levels. We offer a work environment that is participative, collaborative, and flexible. We seek staff members who bring cultural, ethnic, social, and intellectual diversity. We are a Certified B Corp and a California Benefit Corp. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The president, CEO, and publisher provides overall company leadership in helping BK achieve its mission, adhere to the BK Constitution (which can be found on the BK website), and maintain BK’s commitments to its values of quality, stewardship, partnership, inclusion, and sustainability. This leader heads the BK management team, serves on the company’s board of directors, and supervises the department heads for finance and operations, editorial and digital, sales and marketing, design and production, international sales and subsidiary rights, and professional publishing. And this leader helps the company carry out its growth strategies and achieve its planned and needed financial results while serving as an example in daily actions of serving leadership, participative management, mission focus, quality, accountability, initiative, positive attitude steadiness, resilience under pressure, and other qualities expected of all 30+ BK staff members.

QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants for this position will be evaluated expressly on the degree to which they meet the qualifications defined in the “Selection Criteria for Berrett-Koehler President/CEO/Publisher,” which are posted on the BK website. Prior leadership experience in book publishing would be advantageous but is not required.

In addition, we evaluate applicants for all positions on (1) applicants’ history of proactively taking initiative to institute innovations that address needs, solve problems, and exploit opportunities; (2) applicants’ history of performing responsibilities with accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and efficiency; (3) applicants’ history of making themselves accountable for performance and delivering on accountabilities; (4) applicants’ history of maintaining a positive, engaged, committed attitude, even in a challenging environment; (5) applicants’ history of continually advancing their own and others’ learning and development; and (6) applicants’ history of collaborating well with coworkers and being a supportive, responsible organizational citizen.

• Salary: $131,000 per year
• Health insurance, dental and vision insurance, disability insurance, and life insurance
• Flexible Spending Account plan, 401K plan, HSA plan, and ESOP employee ownership plan

To be considered, post by October 17 here— https://berrett-koehler-publishers-1.workable.com/jobs/812926 --your resume and a detailed cover letter (several pages long if necessary) covering the following: (1) why you are interested in this position, (2) your qualifications for the position in relation to each of the specific criteria described in the “Selection Criteria for Berrett-Koehler President/CEO/Publisher,” (3) how you have used these qualifications to be successful in previous jobs and what your accomplishments have been, and (4) your personal qualities that account for your success. No-one will be considered for this position who does not submit a detailed cover letter with this requested information.

Job Description


REPORTS TO: Board of Directors of The Berrett-Koehler Group, Inc., and Berrrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.
SUPERVISES: Department Heads
CLASSIFICATION: Exempt, full-time

• Provide overall company leadership in helping BK achieve its mission of “Connecting People and Ideas to Create a World That Works for All”
• Provide overall company leadership in adhering to the BK Constitution and in maintaining BK’s commitments to quality, stewardship, partnership, inclusion, and sustainability as defined below and in the Berrett-Koehler Constitution
• Provide overall company leadership in helping BK successfully carry out its growth strategies and achieve its planned and needed financial results
• Provide overall leadership for ensuring the quality, mission-match, and global impact of BK’s products and services—and congruence between BK publications and practices
• Provide overall company leadership in making sure that all BK stakeholders are fairly compensated for their contributions to BK
• Be the lead evangelist in communicating BK’s mission, values, and distinctive practices within and beyond the BK community and growing BK’s reach, impact, and community
• Be an example in daily actions of serving leadership, participative management, mission focus, quality, accountability, initiative, development, attitude, citizenship, steadiness and resilience under pressure, and other qualities expected of all BK staff members

• Facilitate the development of BK cultures and practices that engender a healthy organization and support serving leadership, stakeholder participation, employee engagement, staff development, teamwork, accountability, and initiative
• Lead and support in guiding BK to achieve levels of growth, profitability, and efficient resource use needed to achieve its mission and honor commitments
• Lead in creating priorities, structures, policies, agreements, and metrics that keep BK mission-aligned, financially healthy, true to its values, and embodying the BK Way
• Ensure that BK’s products and services offer high value to customers, introduce useful new ideas, and foster deep, positive change in beliefs, mindsets, institutions, and systems
• Lead and support in advancing quality (high value-added in editing, design, production, marketing, sales, and administration of publications)
• Lead and support in advancing stewardship (operating the business always in the interests of all stakeholders as well as the global commons)
• Lead and support in advancing partnership (relations among staff and with other stakeholders embody collaboration, respect, openness, transparency, integrity, and mutualism, not rankism, classism, or partisanship)
• Lead and support in advancing diversity and inclusion (valuing the many kinds of differences and similarities among people to foster inclusivity and diverse perspectives in how BK operates its business, how BK seeks to create a world that works for all, and which communities are engaged in these efforts)
• Lead and support in advancing sustainability (both BK’s support of environmental and economic sustainability worldwide and keeping BK itself mission-driven, values-based, environmentally responsible, independent, and owned and run by its stakeholders while being financially solid and fairly compensating all stakeholders for their contributions)

• Serve on and provide leadership to the BK management team
• Supervise the heads of each BK department, help them succeed in their roles, support their ongoing leadership and functional development, and recruit new leaders as needed
• Lead and support company strategic planning, creation of shared visions, and developing and implementing commitments to carry out strategic plans and visions
• Serve as a member of the board of directors of The Berrett-Koehler Group, Inc.
• Provide leadership to support, strengthen, and grow the BK ecosystem—including the BK community, BK Authors, Inc., BK Foundation, and other allies—to expand realization of the mission, values, and commitments detailed in the BK Constitution
• Lead in strengthening relations and practicing partnership values with BK stakeholders, including investors, authors, customers, sales partners, service providers, and others
• Lead and support in exploring and developing new products, services, technologies, partnerships, and alliances that help BK grow its business and better achieve its mission
• Ensure that BK is a learning organization in which BK staff at all levels are continually increasing their expertise and gaining new ideas, skills, and practices from many sources
• Ensure that the company develops and follows performance communication and management practices that are consistent with BK values and that help to both increase company performance and build a strong bench of upcoming leaders
• Analyze and communicate financial, publication, and operational data in ways that help BK staff and stakeholders to identify patterns, understand opportunities and challenges, and measure and increase effectiveness
• Ensure that the company follows the BK decision making model and act as decision steward for selected company decisions that impact multiple BK departments
• Lead in raising sufficient financial capital for BK to achieve all of the above
• Act as BK spokesperson and evangelist in many ways, including being interviewed by media, speaking to audiences, and meeting with current and potential BK supporters
• Assist and support BK staff and stakeholders by sharing useful information, providing encouragement, offering advice and perspective, and treating everyone with respect

• Performance is measured by achievement of financial, mission achievement, values alignment, and stewardship measures established by the board of directors in consultation with the management team and staff
• Report regularly (quarterly for some measures, annually for others) about performance to the board of directors, shareholders, authors, management team, and staff
• Adhere to all of the same performance standards as the rest of the BK staff in quality, accountability, initiative, development, attitude, and citizenship

• Participate in company staff meetings and other company meetings
• Participate in company projects, discussions, activities, author events, etc.
• Follow company policies regarding expense reporting, company travel, benefits, workplace rules, other human resource policies, etc.

Selection Criteria for Berrett-Koehler President/CEO/Publisher

I. Mission and Values Alignment
1. Understands the BK way, the BK culture, and BK commitments, strengths, and weaknesses in a deep, profound, insightful, supportive-yet-realistic way.
2. Deeply aligned with the BK mission and committed to BK values of stewardship, quality, partnership, inclusion, and sustainability as defined in the BK Constitution.
3. Deeply committed to avoiding class systems within BK, being subject to the same rules and policies as other staff, following the BK decision making model, and maintaining an egalitarian compensation structure.
4. Deeply committed to congruence between BK’s espoused values and BK leaders’ actions.

II. Community Building and Engagement
5. Skilled at serving as an evangelist and brand ambassador who could elevate the visibility and reputation of BK, expand BK’s marketplace connections, and thereby broaden BK’s base of customers, authors, partners, and other community members.
6. A track record of fostering common purpose, expanding engagement, and building collaborative environments among diverse employees and stakeholder groups.
7. A track record of identifying and attracting talented people—as staff, volunteers, and business partners—and engaging them productively in collaborative endeavors.

III. Vision and Strategic Leadership
8. Skilled at working with staff and outside stakeholders to collaboratively articulate a company’s vision, objectives, strategic opportunities, and how to accomplish them.
9. Understands both BK’s current business and the broader business landscape. Well versed in emerging technologies—sufficient to lead BK’s evolution to new products and services, including new methods of content creation and dissemination. Stong global outlook and experience to support increasing BK’s business outside of the US.
10. A track record of entrepreneurial drive and mindset in building initiatives and lines of business—and scaling them up to profitable, impactful, sustainable levels. Provided leadership in previous roles to institute innovations and advances that addressed needs, solved problems, and exploited opportunities effectively.
11. A history of leveraging disruptions and obstacles to turn them into opportunities while developing organizational capabilities and culture to support new directions.

IV. Execution and Strategic Implementation
12. A track record of leading organizational change and implementing business priorities in collaborative, high-engagement ways that unleash the initiative, expertise, and ideas of a broad range of staff and outside stakeholders.
13. Transferable business experience, not necessarily in publishing, in financial planning, financial analysis, managing an organization budget, raising capital, and managing the acquisition of business programs or companies.
14. A track record of effectively making decisions, getting things done, and managing teams through invitation, dialogue, transparency, shared authority, and other partnership practices rather than through compulsion and hierarchy.
15. A history of making oneself accountable for performance and delivering on the accountabilities, even in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environments.

Personal Attributes
1. A history of maintaining a positive, engaged, committed attitude, even in challenging environments, and exhibiting patience, persistence, and stability when dealing with challenges.
2. A history of completing responsibilities with quality, timeliness, and efficiency—and of being trustworthy to do what you say you will do.
3. Willing to take a stand for principles and values, even when it is unpopular, and willing to change one’s mind when presented with cogent arguments.
4. Excellent communication skills (communicating one’s own ideas, communicating organizational messages, and helping others draw out their ideas).
5. A servant leadership mindset with a history of placing service over self-interest, helping coworkers succeed, and supporting workplace diversity and inclusion.
6. A history of self-reflection and of continually advancing one’s own learning and development and supporting others in advancing their learning and development.
7. Ethical, honest, open, and transparent in actions and communications.
8. Humility, empathy, and kindness of spirit in dealings with people. Relates well to individuals with diverse personalities, demonstrates concern for their well-being, and is someone whom people can easily approach and talk to about their concerns.