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Production Assistant - Job Post

Job Post: Production Assistant

March 27, 2018

Berrett-Koehler Publishers is a leading independent publisher that has been innovating for 25+ years. We are headquartered in Oakland, California, and our books, audios, and other publications are sold all over the world. We are dedicated to an ambitious mission: Connecting People and Ideas to Create a World That Works for All. Through our groundbreaking publications in business, management, project management, current affairs, personal growth, self-help, and other areas, we strive to challenge conventional thinking, introduce new ideas, and foster positive change on individual, organizational, and societal levels. We offer a work environment that is participative, flexible, and creative. We seek staff members who bring cultural, ethnic, social, and intellectual diversity. We are a Certified B Corp and a California Benefit Corp. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Berrett-Koehler Publishers is seeking a Production Assistant to take on all administrative responsibilities within the production department and to provide assistance to the Senior Production Manager helping to ensure that coverage in the production department exists at all times. Responsibilities also involve support in the production of 40–50 new books per year and in the maintenance of a robust backlist of titles and accompanying e-books and audiobooks. The responsibilities in this position may evolve over time as department needs change. The Production Assistant will report to the Director of Design and Production.


Project Management
• Assist Senior Production Manager in obtaining and modifying files for transmittal to PRH India.
• Maintain a calendar for e-book and print production with deadlines for cover distribution, audiobooks, and enhanced products.
• Prepare final files and coordinate trafficking for endorsement pages and promotional materials.
• Traffic and obtain author photos.
• Submit and traffic applications to the Library of Congress.
• Prep book excerpts for publicity.
• Provide administrative support to other production department staff as needed on frontlist titles. Begin to learn book production.
• Manage proof mockups for cover designs, upload cover mockups to the cover blog, and complete image searches for covers as needed.
• Monitor timely delivery of all components related to above responsibilities. This will involve regular contact with Berrett-Koehler staff, both within and outside the production department, and with external vendors

E-Book Creation and Distribution Assistance
• Assist Senior Production Manager in performing quality checks on e-book files.
• Keep the distributor list and e-rights territory restrictions list in Coresource organized and up to date.
• Create audio and galley covers when needed.

Quality Control
• Serve as production back-up for cover distribution, both print and digital, and for making cover images available to all Berrett-Koehler staff.
• Supply correct and up-to-date files and book content in the appropriate format to others within and outside Berrett-Koehler when requested.

Internal System Management
• Manage company book content archive
• Work to create new cover archive solution for new books going forward and keep it up to date. Fold in backlist titles over time.
• Maintain the production department Sharefile account and content. Troubleshoot with providers.
• Act as admin for the production department Slack channels.
• Code and process production invoices.
• Create annual shareholder presentation.

• Participate in monthly staff meetings, monthly publication board meetings, monthly digital-team meetings, seasonal launch meetings, and author-day lunches.
• Participate in strategic planning initiatives as requested.
• Follow all company policies in the BK Employee Handbook regarding expense reporting, company travel, benefits, workplace rules, etc.


Essential Skills and Experience
• Bachelors degree or work-related equivalent.
• High level of skill in English language, including spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
• Highly organized and detail-conscious.
• Familiarity with standard proofreading markup.
• Some experience with or exposure to publishing, book design and production, project management, digital products and their metadata.
• Familiarity with American non-fiction book editing standards, especially The Chicago Manual of Style.
• Working knowledge of Macintosh OS X and common office software, including Adobe Acrobat; Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook for Mac; Filemaker Pro; and FTP utilities.

Desirable but Not Essential Skills
• Experience and skill in copyediting.
• Interest and experience in structured data and categorizing information, as in libraries or online search tagging.
• Experience working with websites and databases.
• Experience in markup languages and standards such as SGML, XML, or HTML.
• Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop and / or Illustrator
• Knowledge of offset printing technology, and of correct preparation of material for printing.


• Salary $48,500.00
• Health, Dental, Disability and Life insurance
• Flexible Spending Account plan, 401K and ESOP


To be considered, you must email to Edward Wade ([email protected]) your resume and a detailed cover letter (several pages long if necessary) stating why you are interested in the position, your qualifications (in relation to the desired qualifications detailed above), how you have been successful in similar work (please be specific about your accomplishments), and your personal qualities that account for your success. We are interested in the appearance and presentation of your materials as well as their content. Please put Production Assistant in the subject line of your email.