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Spring sale! Get 50 % off everything now through April 7

Not sure what to get? Take a look at what some cute baby animals recommend!

BK's entire catalog of books and products is 50% off now through April 7. But when faced with such an abundance of spring savings, how will you ever choose what to read?

When in doubt, ask the opinion of a fuzzy animal.

Baby Bunnies Impressed

3 Gaps
The 3 Gaps is a highly useful book for any working bunny. Once I applied his principle on the power of daily planning, I was able to consume 35% more clover and spend a great deal less time running from predators.”

— John “Clover Baron” Rabbit
Screen Shot 2016 03 29 At 5.30.46 Pm
“After I read Mastering the New Media Landscape, I realized that building a website for myself was no longer optional. Having a professional site and an active Twitter account has really opened doors for me! Just this week, the Huffington Post editors asked me to write a piece on the Vegetable Industrial Complex.”

— Buttercup Bunny
Screen Shot 2016 03 29 At 5.32.12 Pm
“We just have to get money out of politics. Ever wonder why they always talk about the War on Foxes? It’s to distract the average bunny from how little carrots and lettuce they truly receive. Read When Money Talks. It’ll open your eyes.”

— Bunny Sanders

Baby Chickens Enjoyed These Books

Screen Shot 2016 03 29 At 6.32.07 Pm
“I highly recommend The Reunited States of America. If you are running around pecking each other, there is no time to sit on the eggs and keep them warm.”

— Bobo the Baby Chick
Screen Shot 2016 03 29 At 6.32.39 Pm
“For years I’ve been saying that the economic imperialism practiced by the USA is a huge problem. They just chuckled, rubbed my fluffy feathers, and told me, ‘It’s not like the sky is falling.’ I think The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man will help people finally understand the gravity of our predicament.”

— Chicken Little

“I’m a Booted Bantam chicken, but when I was one year old, I was moved into a coop full of Orpingtons. I don’t know what I would have done without that book, The Multicultural Mind. I would’ve been pecked to death, probably.”

— Bandit Bantam Chicken the Third (named “Best Layer of Sunnydale Farm”)

Baby Kittens Enjoyed These Books

Screen Shot 2016 03 29 At 6.45.19 Pm
Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, is a book that really changed my life. All this time, I’ve been asking myself why I couldn’t capture that damned red spot from the laser pointer. After reading Marilee Adam’s brilliant book, I realized the real question is: WHO CONTROLS the laser pointer?”

— Archimedes the Siamese Kitten
Screen Shot 2016 03 29 At 6.46.28 Pm
“I am the executive manager for a number of foolish, ignorant humans. Doing the Right Things Right helped me identify my most important objective: being served breakfast at 5am sharp; and the most efficient way to accomplish it: methodically kneading the faces of my sleeping humans with sharp, pointy, paws.”

— Sir Fluffy, Tabbycat
Screen Shot 2016 03 29 At 6.50.02 Pm
“I recommended The Serving Leader to my human. I hope it may help him understand his true purpose in life: which is to serve me and cater to my every need. Another dish of cream, please.”

— Queen Michelle, Purebred Burmese

And finally, we have a sort of anti-endorsement...

Terrified Frog

“We do not recommend the book, Eat That Frog.

— Committee of Frogs

(Editor’s note: Eat That Frog! is a popular book on time management, and one of our biggest bestsellers. We apologize to the frog community for our misleading and offensive title.)

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